Real Time Embedded Solutions

Real Time Group has been providing  END-to-END development of high-end RT Embedded solutions since 2007.
Starting with collection of project’s requirements, needed functionality, System analysis and production of a Hardware Prototype – a complete solution including Hardware Architecture, Operating system used, software implementation and QA-Automation testing.

The company’s development division specializes in the design, development, implementation, QA testing of embedded computer systems that integrate software and hardware, Mobile

We provide software development service and technical support quickly and efficiently according to schedules and customer requirements.

In addition to prototype development, we can also provide the systems and products in serial production once the product has passed the required EMC and Safety certification.

Medical, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Consumer electronics and Security Networking.
Call us today we’ll be happy to assist you any way we can.

By addressing “industry innovation” and “industry prosperity”, as our core objectives, we are confident of our solution’s quality and time line. We provide solutions for diverse industries

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