Web Development

RT Group is an Experienced, highly motivated and fast adapting team of developers. With each project our team gaining more experience and new tools to overcome new obstacles, learn new industry fields and better understand client types and their needs.


Our approach is first to scale your business before heading to work. Understanding you business model, your project purpose and scale is a key to a successful result. We will create a work plan divided to milestones delivering part by part after development and testing. You will see your project built by parts in your hands, providing us with directions to achieve your most wanted results. Your project will be undergoing a development and testing stage, then we will cover the security part of your project with top security level and provide full process of installing the web app on a specified server with all the configurations. We believe that after so many succesful projects we can deliver best result for your needs with ease.


We use top technologies available today to provide the best result in the shortest time. With nodeJS we provide asynchronous non Blocking server capable of providing data to wide range of connections simultaneously and has a very big community with lots of ready to play libraries. On the front we use ExpressJS with JS and jQuery to provide live, dynamic and beautiful content or to expose a fully capable API for your customers. Combination of both worlds creates world most advanced scalable applications with multiple ways to achieve any result in core, design and security.


We can provide you the following services regarding web applications:

Create full End-To-End web application.

We can build from scratch to fully productive application for you. Covering all the parts from design to development, design and production using our growing experience and most advanced tools available to deliver best results. Working with milestones to achieve the result you expect.

Maintain an existing product.

Adapting to your existing project, learning its core and features whilst understanding your needs we can bring the result you expect.

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